Tariff Per night
                                      (Based on 2 Sharing a Room)

                                         Room 2 (Double)                             £65.00 - £82.00

                                         Room 4 (Double\Twin\Triple)           £70.00 - £85.00 

                            Cuillin suite (Family sleeps 4)          £80.00 - £95.00                                   

                                       A 25% non refundable deposit is required at time of booking.

                                                                    Minimum Stay of 2 nights.                                              
                                          1 night stay ONLY IF a natural gap between bookings.
                          A £10.00 extra charge will be added to your bill for each room booked for 1 night.
                                                                 Please Click Below to Check
                                                                  Availability and Book 
                                                      Check in Time is Between 4pm - 7.30pm.
                                                    On Departure Check Out is Before 10.00 Am.
                                                         Includes Cereal, Yogurts and Fruit Juice.
 Traditional Scottish Porridge & Full Scottish Breakfast.
   Continental, Vegetarian & Gluten Free Breakfast Please Pre-Book.

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